: Mar 9, 2017

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Vertigo Lab is a think-and-do-tank specialized in environmental project evaluation and the development of innovative tools to reconnect environmental management with public policy and the economy. Our team of seven multidisciplinary experts covers a wide range of expertise of economic and environmental contexts including marine and coastal biodiversity, water management, food loss and waste, integrated coastal zone management and climate change. Our skills reside in the flexibility and innovation capacity in the use and design of economic valuation tools, quantification of environmental impacts and definition of levers to decision-making and sustainable economic development. Vertigo Lab is also very active in the research field of environmental economics, specifically applied to coastal and marine ecosystems.

Vertigolab is based in the Darwin ecosystem, a dynamic and innovative incubator dedicated to the transition economy. We also benefited from a 2-years incubating programme within the business incubator of the Bordeaux city council. An experience which enabled the company to develop steadily and sustainably (from 90 k€ in 2014 to 315 k€ in 2015, and over 500 k€ secured for 2016). In the ever changing field of environmental businesses ecosystem, one of Vertigo Lab’s main selective advantages is its ability to adapt to the demand by combining a great diversity of professional profiles, innovative business development methods, and its dense professional network of actors in the fields of technology, computing, big data analysis, virtual communication tools, group intelligence businesses, etc.

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 Marine and Coast
 Maritime Affaires and Fisheries
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Social Innovation
 Business Writing
 Sociology and Economic Research

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