: Sep 19, 2016

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Created in 2004, Co-actions is a CAE, Cooperative of Activity and Employment, located in the South West of France. The CAE gathers people (mainly job seekers and project leaders) who want to create their own job in a collective framework. It is both an incubator and a company owned by its shareholders who are the entrepreneurs. As a CAE, CO-ACTIONS is a key player in local economic development (Legal framework in France since 2014 « Social Economy Law »)

Co-Actions supports the entrepreneurs in experimenting the viability of their own business project with safety, freedom, solidarity, and taking part in the life of the social enterprise. This model is a source of capacity building for the people and for their potential of creativity and innovation. The cooperative isn’t specialized in a specific sector: in fact we have 25 different professions: some of us are consultants and trainers (like me), others are photographers, artisans, urban gardeners, web programmers,With this status, as an entrepreneur you have the same rights as the employees of any enterprises of your country (social protection, individual training rights, unemployment benefits, etc). It’s a status far more favorable than freelance entrepreneur. The entrepreneur could actively contribute in the cooperative life and its strategic development because the CAE is a real shared governance enterprise. Today, the CAE aims not only to secure the job and individual business creation, it is also an alternative to build a collective entrepreneurship project.

By investing themselves in the long term, the employees-entrepreneurs contribute in the development of the collective and cooperative project on a human and financial way. The cooperative has a small turn over and has a scale development which allows the necessary self financing for its construction.

Since 2013, Co-actions created different coworking spaces to allow the enterpreneurs to have sharing offices and to meet parners, customers. In all these spaces, our cooperative organizes some information meetings to speak about the entrepreneurship in a cooperative framework, training sessions, or informal meeting like breakfast between entrepreneurs and local partners on a monthly basis.

The trainings are for example
How to run a business in a cooperative

Communication strategy

Business models

The Tiers-Lieux Coop is the regional network of the “sharing spaces” that we created with other partners. The motto of the Tiers-Lieux Coop is “working differently”. This network aims to technically support all the third places and project leaders who have a project of coworking, fab lab or maker space.

Numerous innovative initiatives are implemented by young people in the south of the region. Projects in digital, agroécology, art and culture, social eco-turism, eco-building. Since 2015 we create the consortium « Local Economic Cooperation Consortium « Young people & Social Economy, go on!» Co-actions contributes to supported the entrepreneurship dynamics and the young entrepreneurs.

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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Capacity Building
 Social Innovation
 Development and Cooperation
 Education and Training
 Project Management
 Territorial Cooperation

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