: Feb 19, 2021

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About Me


Umnai is a deep-tech start-up building the first truly eXplainable AI solutions.

Our unique and patent pending technology converts any black-box AI model into a fully observable, explainable and actionable explainable model that is logically equivalent and as or better performing.

UMNAI’s enabling technology provides real-time human and system agency over AI outputs creating the ability to precisely identify, assess and resolve potentially undesirable outcomes using common workflow and programming techniques.

With full observability of the precise purpose and function of each node in the model, our eco-system provides the tools needed to diagnose, understand, monitor and intelligently improve AI models with precision and fidelity of purpose.


Our explainable AI technology is a horizontal technology with applications across many industries, research areas and policy areas including: aerospace, agri-tech, smart cities, industry , robotics, sensors, IoT, wireless, autonomous vehicles, mobility, land transportation, medicine, medical diagnostics, oceans and seas, privacy, data contracts, citizen rights, regulation, legal certainty and product liability.

We are looking to collaborate and form/join EU project ; 

Keywords and matching areas:

 Audits and Controls
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Medical equipment
 Gender Equality
 Smart Cities
 Cross-border cooperation
 Horizon Europe
 Artificial Intelligence
 Green Deal

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