: Apr 15, 2020

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Laura Pellegatta come from Genoa, Italy and resides in Gozo, Malta. She brings to Malta vast experience in the green and circular economy that can benefit the local community. 

Her work experience within the green industry helps her recognise ways and means to assist the local communities and businesses. She manages to identify opportunities in areas that present business models adopted in the country see none. Her innovative and creative ideas combined with her environmental consciousness provide the right combination to bring communities and businesses together to succeed in their green transformation and adaptation of a circular economy for the benefit of all.

Her industrial experience in circular economy business models, together with her keen interest in sustainability, provide the right skills-set to assist entrepreneurs in improving their businesses with advice that is practical, cost-saving, and efficient.

Laura’s professional experience in Italy and Canada provide her with the right skills-set to manage transformation projects and guide businesses towards a circular business model with sustainability at the centre of its operations. 

The work experience includes project management, transformation, sales and marketing. The industries include agriculture, fashion, and the green industry.

In her professional experience, she provided consultancies in energy-saving and efficiency, production from renewable sources, circular economy and green building strategies. 

Laura’s vast experience in the green industry provides her knowledge and insight into the various options a business may take towards a sustainable business model that cares for the community and becoming more cost-efficient. 

Her passion for sustainability led her to found Antidot Environmental Services offering practical options to make businesses and households sustainable and greener.

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 Natural Resources
 Renewable Energy
 Waste Management
 Sustainable Development
 Relationship Management
 Green Deal

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