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: Oct 29, 2021

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About Me

Who we are:

At ZERO IMPACT we see global warming as an opportunity to reimagine the way things are done and find new, innovative ways to begin the reduction of greenhouse gases in order to reverse global warming. Our solution offers our partners a way to contribute substantially to its environmental stainability goals at zero cost.

Zero Impact’s mission is to leave a healthier planet behind for the next generation. We don’t believe in blaming others or pointing our problems. We prefer to take action, question what is done and find better, innovative ways to help reverse global warming. Our roots are in the food and agriculture sector. Our strength is to facilitate collaboration and participation between people and companies that share the desire to take climate action.

Our activity: 

Our unique selling propositions are:

  • Environmental Sustainability Action at no cost as part of the ESG Practices
  • A thorough understanding of the climate challenges and opportunities in the food and agriculture sector

Execution capacity without losing sight of the big picture

Projects in progress:

  • connecting retailers in Spain to Spanish farmers who want to make the transition to climate-smart agriculture. 


  • Subsidies for environmental Start-Ups
  • Subsidies for carbon sequestration practices
  • Subsidies to promote agroforestry as a way to transform farming practices 


Keywords and matching areas:

 Plant Health
 Start Up
 Environmental protection
 LIFE programme
 Green Deal

Ideas in Progress

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