pilar cousido

: Nov 25, 2019

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About Me

I am the Main Researcher of a consolidated group called "Transparency, Good Governance and Communication" at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. We lead research on transparency and ;

We have built an international network to ask for a COST ACTION by Spring 2021. We are communicators, lawyers, sociologists, political scientists, engineers, physicists, a multidisciplinary group of European ; 

We encourage researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina,   Cyprus, Czech Republic,    Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro,  Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of    Turkey to contact us.

We are interested in researchers from Belgium,  Denmark,  France,  Iceland, Ireland,  The Netherlands,  Norway  Sweden. Please, contact us.

Our subject is: Artificial Intelligence and Good Governance. All perspectives are ;



Keywords and matching areas:

 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 European Politics
 Policy Evaluation and Governance
 Artificial Intelligence
 Defence & Cybersecurity

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