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: Aug 26, 2016

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"Development center Pangeya Ultima" is the Ukrainian non-governmental, non-profit organization (est. 2012) composed of youth, youth workers and third sector experts.

Main mission states: Fostering the intercultural dialogue, creation of opportunities for personal development and emancipation of people and facilitation of sustainable development of communities.

Programs of the NGO encompass a range of topics the most active of which are the promotion of active citizenship, youth work and self-development of people, non-formal education, intercultural dialogue and peace-building, sustainable community development, media and communication, arts and culture, social entrepreneurship, environmental protection and tourism development, etc.

The activities of the NGO are often based on non-formal education and utilization of international mobility programmes. With this the organization pursues its fundamental mission – facilitation of the intercultural dialogue. This is enshrined in the name concept of the organization - "Pangeya Ultima" is a supercontinent which will ultimately unite all the cultures and knowledge together. The NGO provides intercultural learning and encourages participation in the international context among its target groups, particularly promotes European ;  

The NGO acts a lot on the local level and state levels, has a considerable profile of international activities. Locally the NGO operates as a center of mobility, non-formal education and self-development, its participants uncover their individual potential and help exploit the potential of own communities for the sake of sustainable development and democratic transformation. The NGO promotes active cooperation and has forged numerous and strong partnerships with other CSOs, educational establishments, international organizations, public bodies and businesses.

Members of the organization are endless enthusiasts that follow principles of integrity, initiative and goodwill, stand for values of humanity and love for our planet.

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 Rural Development
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Youth Exchanges
 European Voluntary Services
 Cultural heritage
 Video Production

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