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: Nov 5, 2016

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AIN is a private non-profit association, a meeting space for the collaboration of companies, that gives expert advice and management technologies supports for the improvement of the competitive position of our partners.

We have a large experience on Industry working with all kind of companies form different sectors focused on 3 lines of Expertise,  · MATERIALS - Surface Engineering and nanostructured materials aimed at improving the characteristics and functions of technological ;  · INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Unconventional systems for measurement, control and ;  · SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT Advanced engineering solutions for industrial construction, efficient use of energy and environment protection.

The cluster involve more than 120 industrial companies in Navarra and has its own technological center, a training and consultancy department thast allow us to work in a multidisciplinary teams for relevant project focused on: Digitalization Transformation principally oriented to Advanced and digital manufacturing, green manufacturing and circular economy and smart ;

Keywords and matching areas:

 Capacity Building
 Energy Efficiency
 International Cooperation
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Digital Economy
 Cross-border cooperation

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