Interquimica (Instituto Tecnologias Quimicas Emergentes de la Rioja)

: Apr 11, 2017

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Interquímica, Instituto de Tecnologías Químicas Emergentes de la Rioja, is a non-profit association that pretends to fill the gap between industry and university, developing technology for their direct application in the industry

Since Interquimica was created, their vocation for innovation and development of R&D projects is increasing. Along these years, it has participated as R&D performer in different European projects of the VII Framework such as GRAPHENE-FLAGSHIP, NANOSCRATCH, and ECOSAM. Also, Interreg projects such as REDVALUE, ELENA, MEDISENS and METNANO where it is the coordinator.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Technology Transfer
 Sustainable Development
 Nanotechnology and Nanosciences
 Horizon Europe

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