Mikus Abaronins

: Jan 16, 2020

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About Me

I am a freelance musician, singer (Tenor, Contrtenor). My main education is Choir conductor, but mostly i sing in various musical projects, a lot of them are in deep interest with Early music.

I have formed A'baronin ensemble which specialises in early music. We are four singers and we do projects from Renaissance Madrigals till Bach cantata productions in a small chamber music style etc.

I have company LTD ''Dziva Skana'' which represents all my musical activities :
1)Mikus Abaronins soloist (tenor contrtenor)

2)A'baronin ensemble

3)vocal group Framest (jazz/pop)

4)and different project coordination, management


I am ready to coorparate with different organisations, artists and many different ideas. Not to cage ourselves in one box, but create many interesting projects !


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 Music Production

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