: Dec 27, 2022

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About Me

SERENITY (#SRNT) is a non-profit organization that provides rapid access to information for people in Hard Situations. #SRNT covers the main problems of infringement of rights and freedoms of modern society.

Specifically: Abuse&Domestic Violence / Sexual Abuse / Substance use / addiction & codependency / Mental Health / Gender & Sexual Identity / Bullying / Discrimination / Gambling / Relationship difficulties / Loneliness / Grief & Loss / Stockholm Syndrome / Eating&Body image / Refugees & Immigration / Hunger / Bedtime, etc.

Our goals:

- To develop and support Europe/World's largest information resource and database of charities, social organizations, and foundations. 

- To unite people who have faced problems and difficulties and those who have overcome them. Exchange of personal experience and support.

- Development and support of the IT platform for publishing charity projects.

- Research activities based on the obtained data.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Gender Equality
 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 Human Rights
 Artificial Intelligence

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