Nidhiben Patel

: Oct 16, 2023

About Me

I'm Nidhi Patel, a passionate environmentalist and sustainability enthusiast. My mission is to tackle global sustainability development in a meaningful and tangible way. With this goal in mind, I have taken several small steps to make a positive impact. I prioritize building a sustainable environment, and my research focuses on bio-economy, circular economy, BioResource valorization, and sustainable development strategies. I am a big believer in combining creativity with science and innovation. My published works demonstrate this, and my specialties include carbon footprint analysis, sustainability assessment, multi-criteria decision analysis, eco-product design, research and strategic planning, and thinking outside the box. As a student of the environment, a scientific researcher, and an aspiring environmental scientist, I am driven to help create a better future for our world. I am continually striving to increase my knowledge base, and I am fearless in taking on any challenge that comes my way. Additionally, I am always open to new ideas and ways of thinking. I aim to make meaningful contributions to a more sustainable future for all.

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 Sustainable Development

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