Michael Etzbach

: Oct 15, 2020

Looking for Partnership
About Me

My most lovely one is a Dragon ~~~ for lifelong learning (pupils students adults)

Descriptions? Si: In English, Spanish, French, Greek and German too.

I love Bottom-Up transforming of Societies, the Mountains and the Sea - analogue and digitally. Methods of Sciences are tools for Science-Quests for me.

Calls? Calls!:

  • The call for digital education readiness will support projects in school education, vocational education and training, and higher education. This call will aim to enhance online, distance and blended learning - including supporting teachers and trainers, as well as safeguarding the inclusive nature of digital learning opportunities.
  • The call for ‘partnerships for creativity’ will support projects in the fields of youth, school education and adult education. The call aims to develop skills and competences that encourage creativity and boost quality, innovation and recognition of youth work.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Human Resources
 Environmental protection
 Education and Training
 Cultural heritage
 Culture and Development
 Climate Sciences

Ideas in Progress

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