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: Dec 25, 2017

About Me

A major success of create4D has been building the innovative technology of farmAR at ESA-BIC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The initial proposal was written by Beril Sirmacek in 2016 and it was awarded as the 2016 finalist of The Copernicus Masters DLR Environment, Climate and Health Challenge of EU Commission. In 2017, the technology made farmAR to win B2B Challenge of the Copernicus Masters of EU Commission

With create4D, I am offering consultancy on the following technical topics. For your questions:  for having a detailed conversation.


  • Smartphone and Web applications

    2D/3D model visualization

    Augmented reality applications

    Displaying observations of natural resources and man-made structures

  • Interactive software solutions

    User friendly experience

    Automated frameworks

    3D rendering on web browser and smartphone devices

    Data visualization for decision making

  • Helpful algorithms for data processing

    Intelligent data understanding with machine/deep learning algorithms

    3D model generation using smartphone images


    2D/3D measurements

    2D/3D changes

    Tracking moving objects

    Real-time data processing

  • Using power of sensors

    Time-of flight (TOF) cameras


    Smartphone cameras

    Panchromatic, multispectral, hyperspectral satellite sensors


  • Earth observation

    Satellite data processing

           Natural resources

           Big data processing

           Feature extraction for understanding soil, water and vegetation properties

           3D building model generation 


  • Languages & Platforms








    threejs, webGL

    Unity 3D


Fields of Expertise:

 Natural Resources
 Earth Sciences
 Project Development
 Article Writing

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