Maurizio Lisciandra

: Sep 25, 2023

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About Me

Personal Overview

I am an Associate Professor of Economics at LUMSA University, Italy, with academic credentials that include an M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge, and a graduation degree from Bocconi University, Milan. My research focuses on the economics of corruption, integrity, Law and Economics, Contract Theory, Environmental Economics, and Property Rights.

Research Expertise

My research is bifocal, combining theoretical proficiency in mathematical modeling and economic theory with empirical skills in econometric analysis. These skills are geared towards generating policy-relevant findings.

Projects and Calls

Actively seeking collaborations within European Union-funded projects, I am currently following EU calls such as Fighting Crime and Terrorism 2023 (HORIZON-CL3-2023-FCT-01), Past, Present, and Future of Democracies (HORIZON-CL2-2024-DEMOCRACY-01), and MSCA Doctoral Networks 2023 (HORIZON-MSCA-2023-DN-01).

Cooperation and Expertise

I have served as an expert evaluator for Horizon projects, gaining valuable expertise in the field. I am committed to the pursuit of academic excellence through collaborative research. I am open to establishing long-term research affiliations with fellow academics, research institutions, and industry enterprises. My goal is to lead or participate in project proposals aimed at securing funding from various EU calls. These collaborations serve the dual purpose of advancing knowledge and informing economic policy at both the national and European levels.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Horizon Europe
 Policy Evaluation and Governance

Ideas in Progress

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