Annalisa Pinsino

: Jan 22, 2020

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Areas of Expertise: Nanotoxicology- Ecological immunology- Innate immunity- Cell Biology - Molecular Biology- Proxyto humanmodels- Environmental Risk

Current Research: My interest in Marine Environment and Marine Biomedicine is focused on understanding the innate immune system of invertebrates and dedicated on the Mediterranean sea urchin, Paracentrotus lividus. Immunity is a purveyor of the internal equilibrium of organisms, and a century of research has uncovered the conserved means and mechanisms by which the immune system recognizes danger and regulates its own activity. Expert in: i) embryo-toxicology, immune-toxicology and regenerative response of echinoderms; ii)signalling pathways in echinoderm immune and stress response after insults; iii) identification and development of molecular markers to marine environmental monitoring. My current research focuses on the characterisation of the innate/inflammatory cascades/pathways activated in response to ;

Scientist in charge of the following research projects: i) EU Commission H2020 ETN project PANDORA: Probing Safety of Nano-Objects by Defining Immune Responses of Environmental organisms (ESR11Unit). H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015-ETN-671881; ii) Eco-SUN (Labex Serenade funding); iii) EU Commission H2020 ETN project NanoScreen. DOC2AMU- H2020-MSCA-COFUND); iV) Italian Ministerial research: Analisi dei sedimenti di fondo di scavo dopo la rimozione dei rifiuti antropici dal I seno del mar Piccolo di Taranto; v) Italian Ministerial research: Attività di interesse comune propedeutiche alla realizzazione degli interventi per la bonifica, ambientalizzazione e riqualificazione di ;(Decreto 31/CS, 13/05/2015).

Editorial Boards :

Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Environmental Science and Engineering section, MDPI ();

Biology, Cell Biology Section, MDPI ;

 Frontiers in Immunology”, Comparative Immunology section ()

Memberof the Scientific Committee“Biannual ECOtoxicology Meeting (BECOME)”, Livorno, Italy

H-index 16-18 Scopus-Google Scholar

CNR Immunology Network (CIN) Member

Keywords and matching areas:

 Biological Sciences
 Medical Biotechnology

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