Martina Eckert - Group on Acoustics and Multimedia Applications (GAMMA)

: Jul 30, 2018

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We are a small research group located at the Technical School of Telecommunication, part of University Madrid.

Our expertise is on:

  • Natural interfaces and rehabilitation games for people with physical disabilities
  • Design of real-time adaptive applications for the patients, optimizing the efficiency of their exercises and maximizing their motivation.
  • Medical image processing: segmentation and classification of anatomic structures with advanced methods.
  • Virtual acoustics: recreation of acoustical environments from the estimation of the impulsive response of the local. Hearing virtualization of different kind of signals. Multichannel acoustical signal ;  
  • Psychoacoustics: sound source spatial localization. Simulation of the hearing system from a spatial perception perspective.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Medical Biotechnology

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