Marius Nicolescu

: Nov 21, 2018

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The ARC represents:

  • The regional and local authorities hosting and neighboring an international airport
  • The democratically elected representatives of all the citizens living nearby airport
  • The voice of regional and local authorities in dialogue with aviation stakeholders, economic and institutional partners at national, European and international level

The ARC mission is:

  • To help its members by interfacing sky and earth
  • To foster knowledge building
  • To be a platform of excellence in knowledge sharing
  • To help its members anticipate aviation changes
  • To support the recognition of regional and local authorities’ concerns


Our membership is diverse, ranging from members that have on their territories the largest hubs in Europe (Frankfurt, Paris, Heathrow, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid) to members that have small, but important regional airports bound for development (Oulu, Iasi, Malta).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Renewable Energy

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