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: Jan 31, 2017

About Me

Key qualifications:

·  Admitted lawyer (Europe, 1997), more than 7 years of in-house/off- council experience (EMEA/APAC).

·  Holder of two Masters Degrees in International, Commercial and Financial Law and in Far Eastern Languages (Chinese and Hindi). Postgraduate courses in European Law (2013), Common Law (2013) Chinese Commercial Law (1996), Six-sigma (Black Belt Certification,2012),Finance(2013), Additive Manufacturing (2014).

·  Native speaker of Italian, fluent in English, French, and Mandarin. Some Spanish, Portuguese and Russian

·  More than 20 years in Project and Corporate Management in Europe, Asia and Africa with direct professional experience in managing International Donors’ funded programs in more than 20 countries worldwide including ACP countries and projects

  • More than 15 years in Commercial Law, Trade policy and economic integration, commodity and agricultural goods exchange, SPS, legal evaluation, position paper and report drafting for governments, trade associations and corporations, trade related technical assistance to governments, institutions and corporations with direct involvement in WTO agreements evaluation, policy reform programmes and Policy Dialogue Support Facility.
  • European Qualified Lawyer specialized in Commercial related contracts (FDIs, Trade) and Trade legal reviews.
  • Former Trade Advisor of the Government of Malta with good knowledge of approximation to EU acquis on trade and trade related matters and responsible to prepare the related reporting for the Embassy in China.
  • Short Term expert of numerous projects under EC DEVCO in ACP, Africa and Asia with specific focus on Food and Nutrition Security/Sustainable Agriculture (FNS/SA), BAM, CAADP evaluation and support, agricultural commodities, social transfers, food security, rural livelihoods and nutrition, Agriculture Research, PPPs with CSOs/Corporates, TVET, capacity Development in agriculture and agribusiness in developing countries, access to Finance, green economy and Financial planning in Tanzania (missions for the EC in 2009 and 2011), Senegal and Kenya (2012), Cambodia and Samoa (2013), Bangladesh (2009) and China (various missions).
  • Deep expertise on the FLEGT, REDD+,SWITCH TO GREEN, AMSP, the BAM, the FS and vulnerability reduction under the Food Facility instrument, the Global Climate Change Alliance programme, and the Communication on the Agenda for Change (2011).
  • Deep knowledge of Agricultural commodities related issues, with in-depth analysis of FNS/SA EC policies, as :
  • Advisor of Asian Development Bank for the CAREC Countries SPS related project
  • Supporting developing countries in coping with the crisis—COM(2009)160
  • EU Policy Framework to assist developing countries in addressing food security challenges—COM(2010)127
  • Agenda for Change—COM(2011)637 and Social Protection in European Union DevCo—COM(2012)446
  • Long term experience in drafting and evaluating methodologies (H2020, FP7, COSME, FWCs), proposals budgets, reports (AETS, HTSPE, Pohl, IBF, NFS, Action Aid, GDSI, GOPA, Sofreco, Agriconsulting, EUCCC).
  • Former Head of Trade and Export Finance APAC for Intesa Sanpaolo Bank with strong financial background, 8 years as a banker in emerging markets and responsibilities for 15 years in Trade Planning and investments, Trade and development policies reporting and analysis, countries trade evaluations for MDCs and LDCs.
  • Senior expert for more than 10 projects under DEVCO/AIDCO/EUROPEAID and selected expert (Notetaker) for the ongoing project  EuropeAid/129783/C/SER/multi with Landell Mills
  • More than 15 years of experience in analyzing Emerging markets economies and MDGs/SDGs implementation.
  • Extensive experience in the services and industrial sectors (Banking, Green Tech, Food & Nutrition Security, ICT, Manufacturing, PR& Communications), M&A, strategic planning, Supply Chain Management, evaluation processes and business development analysis.
  • Manager of specific EC funded projects: Responsible for the management, implementation and P&L of the Asiainvest Forum in Chengdu (2006), the Eu-China Rohs Directive project and the IPR protection project.
  • Long experience as chairman and moderator in EMEA/APAC
  • Perfect understanding of strategic and global issues in issues in emerging and mature markets.
  • Specific experience in policy support and policy dialogue related to SMEs and private sector development.
  • Large network of representatives from business, academic community and politics in EMEA and APAC.
  • More than 20 years in Communications, PR, Media and Marketing strategies, database management.
  • Extensive experience in due diligence in the services and industrial sectors, M&A, strategic planning, SCM, evaluation processes and business development analysis.
  • Expert in start-up projects and companies in emerging markets, office and organizational development.
  • Expert in HR development and training, strong team building capability and experience in coordinating different departments and HRs with
  • Long term experience in dealing with governments, NGOs and agencies.
  1. Country/specific experiences:




People’s Republic of China 1994-1997/ 1999-2001/2004 – 2013/ 2016

Panama Journalist assignment 1998

Hong Kong 2002 – 2004

Brazil Journalist assignments 2004

Vietnam Missions for EC program  2005-2006

Thailand - Missions for EC program in 2005 – Due Diligence 2009

Finland - EC-China Summit  2006

Czech republic - Mission EUCCC  2005

France - OECD Forum 2006

Philippines - Missions for EC programs  2007

Myanmar - Corporate Mission 2007

Bangladesh - Missions for EC programs  2009

Tanzania - Missions for EC programs  2009/ 2011

Belgium - Missions for EU programs 2004-2016

Italy Various assignments 1988-2012

Malta  Various assignments 2007-2011

India Mission for EC program  2011

Russia Corporate Mission 2011

Senegal Mission for EC program  2012

Kenya Mission for EC program  2012

Laos Corporate Mission 2013

Cambodia Mission for EC program  2013

Samoa Mission for EC program  2013

Tonga Corporate Mission 2013

Germany Mission for EC program  2014

Mongolia Mission for ADB 2014

Sri Lanka Mission for EC program  2016

Serbia and Montenegro Missions for EC program  2016

United States Corporate Missions 2016

Fields of Expertise:

 Food Safety
 Rural Development
 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Culture and Development

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