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: Oct 18, 2019

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LANARA Consulting is a Slovene tourism marketing and branding company. Specialized in branding and marketing for the tourism industry, we help tourism providers and destinations to grow smart for their sustainable development and long-lasting success. Our view is wholesome and so are our solutions.

We turn innovative ideas into practical solutions, which deliver measurable results. Our strong belief is that brands are like people - unique and unrepeatable. Well-designed and consistently communicated brands achieve such visibility, liking and power, which cannot be easily copied.

LANARA Consulting team members specialize in the field of marketing and branding, providing its clients and projects with a strong professional support with more than 10 years of practical experiences as well as a strong theoretical background obtained at world’s top-tier universities (UCLA Extension course in Branding), among others.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Mobile technology
 Sustainable Tourism
 Project Development
 Project Planning
 Business Development

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