Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

: Jan 30, 2019

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Kocaeli is a city situated next to the İstanbul city and inside the center of the transportation network connecting Europe to Anatolia and Middle East. Having million population the city gains % of its income from industry sector and accounts for the %18 of the General Budget revenues, which makes the city industrial capital of Turkey.

Turkey has undergone a ‘Local Authorties Reform’ in 2004 which enlarged the authority areas of the municipalities. Within 81 provincial areas, the reform created two privileged cities, İstanbul and Kocaeli, by making area of authority and provincial borders equal. In this regards, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is called model city for the country providing trainigs for the new metropolitan municipalities as well.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality have conducted several project with the help of foreign (EU;UN;World Bank etc.), national or local funds on variety of areas ranging from transportation, environment, water and sewage services, public works , technical works, culture, employement courses, sports and youth etc. .

Having great amount of migration we deal with the projects such as; vocational training for refugees, bio-diversity research, public shared transportation systems, science center exhibition designs etc. with the help of the foreign funds as of 2019.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Energy Efficiency
 Environmental protection
 Urban Management
 Sustainable Transport
 Urban transport
 Education and Training
 Smart Mobility

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