Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality

: Oct 17, 2019

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KMM - The province of Kahramanmaras is located inside the borders of Mediterranean Region, The city lies on a plain at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and has a population of and also approximately Syrian refugees as of 2018.

Kahramanmaras Municipality was established in 1869 and became a Metropolitan Municipality in 2014. There are a total of 2600 personnel including 900 civil servants, 230contracted personnel and 1470 employees. The current organizational structure of Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality consists of 1 General Secretary, 3 Assistant of General Secretary, 18 Head of Department and 65 directorates.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality(KMM) is a local government authority responsible for the maintenance and day to day running of the city and surrounding areas. KAMEK, under the Directorate of the municipality, provides social welfare and training for adults and their educational needs, including Turkish and English language courses.

The city has an important role in handicrafts, metal utensils, ice cream production, textile, agriculture (fruit and vegetable), food and shoemaking sectors. KMM is the local public institution and areas of responsibility include social services (elderly children, children, young people with disabilities), energy, transportation, public transport, vocational training, hobby activities, cultural arts, tourism, environmental protection, reconstruction, youth and sports activities, IT and entrepreneurship.

Vision and Mission:

We believe that education and development are fundamental values to achieve peace and dignity for all human beings. Each individual and community has the potential to fulfill its rights

The municipality to struggle to unemployment, regulation in transportation and public transport, road construction, socialization of disadvantaged groups, support for the integration of refugees in social life, support of library services to young people and to provide basic human needs to the needy people. The Municipality acts as a bridge between local stakeholders.

The main topics we are addressing at the moment are:


  • ICT innovation and STEAM
  • Health, Food, Sport and Outdoor Education
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Local development and social inclusion
  • Human rights Education and raising awareness, advocacy and anti - discrimination
  • Art, Culture and Creativity
  • Sustainability, Environment and Climate Change
  • Capacity building of third sector organizations, educational institutes and public sector



The staff of KMM is composed of many professional experts with different competences in several sectors such as psychology, communication, education, international cooperation, social and cultural mediation, social assistance, sports manager, informatics and law.

KMM has the operational capacity to implement the project activities and we have the necessary expertise in the fields of the project, the local partners necessary for implementation and sustainability as well as the necessary motivation.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Adult Learning

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