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: Nov 2, 2020

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About Me

About us

ASP-TEAM ® (Advocacy and Support Provider Team for solution and capacity development), located in Turkey, founded by Rahaf Shami. Our work is designed to create solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. The specialists’ team at ASP- Team take great care to listen to your business objectives in order to support and provide you with an effective strategy that will ensure long-lasting results. we are committed to helping you in finding your solution and keep our Eye on you to reach your targets

we go out of our way not only to offer comprehensive solutions for all your needs; but to also provide you with the information and resources you need to make educated decisions about which solutions are best for you, and your project.



Our professional team and our Five-year experience of ASP team will provide you with the services and solutions you need, and the quality, integrity, and professionalism you deserve.


What makes us special

We don’t wait for opportunity, we create it

When you put your trust in ASP-Team, you are enlisting the expertise of a company that has been exceeding the expectations of Clients since its founding by best team with different nationalities. We offer the peace of mind, confidence, punctual and reliability that come with experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Moreover, we aim to integrate protection services and the promotion of the leadership and meaningful participation of women and girls in our capacity development program.

We offer our Clients high quality services to enable them to reach excellence and achieve their goals


Performance/Customer Service

You deserve the best! ASP-team believes that quality performance is a result of our ability to understand your specific needs and provide systematic and sustainable solutions to resolve the demands of your project. We work with you to plan, coordinate, execute and verify. These efforts substantiate our pledge to perform all of our work in a safe manner and to meet and exceed the quality expectations of our Clients.

Our services exceed our customer’s expectations.

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