Ivan Dvorak

: Apr 30, 2021

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About Me

I am a co-owner of several SMEs registered in the Czech ;

My main activity is consulting in start-up preparation, take-off and scaling, namely fudrasing (both public and private and local as well as EU funds) for various stages of this process.

Currently we are operating 2 consultancy copanies: ILA and Inosfera  and promoting OFFORM3D, the start-up focused on digital fashion.

We follow Horizon Europe, Creative Europe and Digital Europe Tool, Interreg, Eureka and many others.

We are able to cooperate in (i) technology assesment, (ii) innovation management, and (iii) knowlede and technology transfer.







Keywords and matching areas:

 Start Up
 Technology Transfer
 Creative Industries
 Creative Europe
 Horizon Europe
 Mental health
 Green Deal

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