Il était deux fois

: Feb 11, 2020

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About Me

Our organisation is active in the field of creative industries and the design of digital devices around artistic creation and publishing. We are involved in two European projects regarding Comix, Digital creation and training.
We produce models and processes on the issues of dematerialization of tools and uses in the field of creation, from the production of works and devices to the engagement of audiences. We aim to think and support new uses: implementation of transmedia projects internationally around new writing, memory, living art and visual and editorial creation, training of young professionals, actions around the professions of tomorrow and the creation of start-ups, innovative device for engaged
We work on content innovation and the new expectations of readers, users, consumers and connected project leaders.
Il était deux fois and its founder, designer and digital producer are involved in two European projects: a Creative Europe project and an Erasmus plus project.

Our activity is the result of stimulating paths around books and digital, innovation and new uses.
A vision that brings together text, image, sound and digital in search of new fields of expression for new

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 Creative Industries
 Digital Culture
 Performing Arts
 Music Production

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