Matthieu Stolz, Parliaments, Governance and Democracy

 Development and Cooperation
 European Politics

: Jan 27, 2017

About Me

Public Affairs professional with experience at IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement / Research Institute for Development), the European Parliament and the French Embassy in Germany, I am specialized in EU development and international cooperation policies. My area of expertise covers: policy-making processes, project management, Research for Development, human rights, social and educational issues, mediation and institutional dialogue.

I can provide policy advice and public relations strategies in a clear and concise way thanks to my proven analytical and writing skills. I have also a broad experience in organizing high-level events, taking care of all administrative and financial aspects.

I speak French, English and German and I both enjoy and am used to working in a multicultural environment. Any inquiries ? Any projects ? Looking for a fruitful collaboration ? Please don't hesitate to contact me (!)

Fields of Expertise:

 International Cooperation
 Humanitarian Aid
 Cross-border cooperation
 European Union
 European Law
 Euro-Mediterranean Relations
 Project Planning
 International Project Management
 Human Rights

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