Léonard Lévêque

 Renewable Energy
 International Project Management

: Dec 13, 2017

About Me

Léonard Lévêque (M) is a Project Manager, coordinator of the Long-Term Joint European Union - African Union Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy (LEAP-RE) and in charge of sustainable innovation project development at LGI Consulting.

Léonard has 10 years of experience in managing European projects on sustainable cities and territories (energy efficiency, air quality) and private sector development (development of business ecosystems, diaspora investment), in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa.

He holds a Master's degree in public policy from Sciences-Po Grenoble and is a lecturer at Sciences-Po Aix.

He is based in Marseille and speaks French, English and Spanish; 

Fields of Expertise:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Development and Cooperation
 Horizon Europe
 Project Development
 Green Deal

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