Hamze Bytyci

: Feb 4, 2020

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About Me

RomaTrial is a transcultural Roma self-organization and interactive platform with the goal to bring the complex problems of antigypsyism on stage, screen and in the ether – but especially in the heads of society. Our focus is on film and art festivals, cultural and political education work for young people and adults, creative theater and film projects, summer schools and seminars against antigypsyism and cultural events with a meaning.

Roma Biennale

The first self-organised Roma Biennial by and with artists from all over Europe. On the occasion of Romaday, the International Roma Day on 8th April, specific experiences of exclusion are combined with individual artistic perspectives and feminist strategies to generate visibility and self-determination. The Gorki presents an interdisciplinary festival with art, music, discussions and performances.

Germany’s first Roma film festival AKE DIKHEA? It took place in October 2017 at the Moviemento cinema in Berlin. It brought numerous prominent Roma and non-Roma filmmakers to the city, who engaged in conversations with the audience after most of the ten festival projections. An especially important part of the festival were the discussions and new impulses for the discourse concerning the representation of Roma and Sinti in film.

Antigypsyism makes you blind. Blind to the diverse, complex reality around us, which does not correspond to the widespread stereotypes about Roma and Sinti. That’s why we called to life AKE DIKHEA? The Festival of Romani Film, which independently presents different Roma perspectives.

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 Gender Equality
 Education and Training
 Culture and Development
 Digital Culture
 Immigration Law
 Migrants and Refugees

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