: Aug 2, 2016

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Association for development of sport and sports culture Footura Bulgaria is NGO working for development of sport and health values in the society. We are experienced in programs like Erasmus - Strategic partnership, Youth exchanges, etc.), Euromed, Europe for citizens and others. Our team is looking for new international partnerships. new opportunities and new colleagues and friends

The main objectives of the UNION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF SPORT AND SPORTS CULTURE – FOOTURA are the development and promotion of various sports. FOOTURA also promotes all kind of activities connected with sport and cultural tourism and exchange programmes. The association aims at promoting amateur and college sports in order to motivate young people and athletes to be active and see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
Among the other objectives of the Association are:
1. Development of youth activities, initiatives and projects that support healthy lifestyles and physical education of children and youth.
2. Working for the rehabilitation and extension of existing and creation of new relationships between citizens, organizations, regions and other structures on the basis of sports, sports culture and specific sports events - both in Bulgaria and abroad.
3. Promoting the achievements, projects and initiative of individuals and organizations in the field of amateur sport.
4. Creation and development of better infrastructure for practicing of amateur sport, which increases motivation and keeps the commitment of young people.
5. Participation in public life and public dialogue on issues of youth and sport - both directly and indirectly.
6. Development, implementation and coordination of projects.
2015 is the year when we started the execution of 2 big Erasmus projects and 1 Euro-Med project as ;
Our members have publications in Sport conferences here in Sofia (in 2013 and 2014) and in Sofia, Bucurest and Serbia (2015) 
We are members of the Bulgarian Field hockey federation (since 2014)
We have license from Bulgarian Sports ministry (since 2014)


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 Social Innovation
 Education and Training
 Youth Exchanges
 EU Strategy Danube Region
 Europe for Citizens
 Horizon Europe
 European Union
 Project Development

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