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: Mar 1, 2016

About Me

With 20 years of know-how and advanced skills in new technologies in the framework of the EU Institutions, in addition to his expertise in crafting compelling copy in both news content as well as official documentation format - George with Mesogio carries with him a specific skills set for many a mission aiming to communicate goals and their impact in the international organisations ;

• 15 years of demonstrated success in the international organisations arena, namely in the following sectors - Environment and Climate Change, Gender Equality, Vocational Training and Education, Childcare issues, Migration, Water Management inter alia
• In particular in developing media and communications strategies, in public relations implementation and in content and graphic management - most recently for DEVCO/Europeaid communications visibility projects,
• Enhanced knowledge of EC enlargement policies and strategy from an internal perspective as an established official and externally as a consultant/contractor,
• Proven track record in execution and quality assurance of EU communication/visibility guidelines in the form of full cycle management of graphical charter, style guide, logo and brand deployment, 
• Complete project management of ex_ante/ex_post evaluation methodology of EC communication strategies,
• Experience in successfully selecting and managing teams for EU (EC FWC, PRAG, Europeaid, Devco), UNDP, World Bank - funded projects, 
• Outstanding native English report, publication and content-for-web writing and presentation skills.
• Continued success in the mobilisation and management of teams of experts, (onsite as well as remote based).

Passionate, intuitive, driven by creative people and projects, driven, realistic-optimist and persistent.

Specialties: people management - produce written clutter-free content/copy

Fields of Expertise:

 Gender Equality
 New Media
 Climate Sciences
 Euro-Mediterranean Relations
 International Project Management
 Business Writing

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