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: Dec 19, 2017

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EDI is based in Brussels and carries out its activities by bringing 12 different institutions and 16 experts from Europe and neighbour countries together. EDI’s activities are focused in three main categories with its experienced experts and institutional partnerships.

Sustainable Development
Entrepreneurship and Startups
Future Techs


“EDI’s activities and expertise are focused on 3 basic fields. It develops projects in the fields of sustainable development, entrepreneurship & startups, and FutureTech which are the most important developments in today’s world that can make a difference in social and individual ;


European Development Institute contains 16 individual experts from different disciplines and institutions such as; universities, NGOs, non-profit organizations and private companies. In addition to experts in Sustainable Development, FutureTech, Entrepreneurship & Startups categories, EDI Team includes professional project managers as well.


EDI develops projects in line with its objectives by cooperating with institutions from many parts of the world, especially EU countries. It works closely with institutions that are interested in developing projects as solutions for local, national and international problems and developing projects. After conducting a comprehensive problem analysis for a particular issue, EDI ensures that an appropriate project is developed for the issue by its experts. It incorporates the most qualified partners in that particular field thanks to its constantly expanding network and put the projects with high success rate into practice.


European Development Network is a network established by EDI and having a general secretariat and 12 different institutions within notably from EU countries. It consists of universities, NGOs, non-profit organizations, private companies and individual specialists. Members actively develop projects and establish new partnerships with each other within this network. In addition, members come together at regular meetings organized by EDI in Brussels to increase their institutional capacity by sharing experience and ideas. These institutions and individuals have the opportunity to find new partners for their projects, being part of new consortiums and have a strong network for dissemination activities. Feel free to contact us to join the European Development Network.


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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Renewable Energy
 Sustainable Development
 Innovation & Research
 Creative Industries
 European Law

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