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: May 28, 2019

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European Center for Quality Ltd. is a modern consulting company founded in 2001. The company is specialized in 4 main fields:

+ Management consulting in the field of EU-funded projects

+ Design and delivery of training programmes for business entities and employees

+ Implementation of various initiatives linking the worlds of business and innovation with the education and training sectors

+ Development and implementation of international standards for quality management.

The company works in close cooperation with a number of foreign partners, among which are educational institutions and universities, research institutes, qualification centers, NGOs, chambers of commerce, SMEs, etc. ECQ is experienced in training SME managers and employees in the application of different quality standards. Since its establishment ECQ Ltd. has developed, implemented and/or supported the realization of projects for more than 150 enterprises and more than 13 municipalities. Overall, ECQ has 15 successfully implemented projects under LLP, 3 under IEE and 28 Erasmus+ projects. The company has rich experience in the practical implementation of international projects in compliance with the relevant requirements of different programmes.

ECQ works closely with the Bulgarian manufacturing sector and has supported over 150 manufacturing SMEs in the implementation of over 200 projects under national operational programmes related to:

+business-process reengineering

+production modernisation

+implementation of state-of-the-art automated solutions in production

+energy and resources efficiency

+implementation of management systems in compliance with international standards

+implementation of ICT solutions for process optimisation (ERP; BI; CRM systems, etc.)

ECQ is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations (28 companies and 56 individual members) as well as of the Association "Club 9000" - a non-profit nongovernmental organization aimed to speed up the harmonization of the activities related to the Quality Management in the Bulgarian organizations with the internationally accepted practices embedded in the International Standards (205 members).

ECQ works in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. ECQ commits the set of principles and values outlined in the “Code of Ethics for EU project management” for which ECQ is official signatory.

In its track record of projects ECQ has 5 projects which are directly related to the domain of the current project:

  1. “Work-based training approach in the field of Industry for competitive European Industry”Induce (2017-2019). ECQ is the partner leading the Quality Management activities and IO1 State-of-the-art analysis on the knowledge & skills gaps on the topic of Industry and the requirements on WBL. ECQ is also actively involved in the development of 2 other outputs: IO2 INDUCE training course and IO3 INDUCE Practical methodology for WBL.
  2. “Automation, Technology transfer and Managerial practices for the growth of SMEs, a betteremployability and the promotion of the entrepreneurship” - AuToMa (2016 – 2019). ECQ leads IO5 Handbook for AuToMa learners and is responsible for the development of 5 of the 20 training modules of the AuToMa learning path. ECQ is also responsible for the internal Quality Management of the project and the Dissemination & Exploitation of the project, ECQ also developed and maintains the project website.
  3. “Strategic Partnership in the field of Mechatronics for innovative and smart growth of European manufacturing SMEs” - MechMate (2016 – 2018). The project aims to develop training course in the field of mechatronics and to assist advanced mechatronics-based technologies introduction in manufacturing SMEs. ECQ is responsible for the internal Quality Management of the project and the Dissemination & Exploitation strategy, IO5 MechMate Guidelines for SMEs and VET providers and contributes actively to all other IOs.
  4. “Automatization, Robotization for a New Reindustrialized Europe” – ARIALE (2013-2015). The project reflects the changes brought by the 3rd industrial revolution connected to industrial automation and robots. It implies transfer and adaptation of the AutoMatic content and implementation into an innovative system ICT solution. ECQ was involved in all project activities.
  5. “Development of curricula and innovative training tools for industrial automation systems for people employed in SMEs” – AutoMatic (2009-2011). The project was aimed at the development of training methodologies and materials for SMEs, providing knowledge in the field of A&R, industrial automation systems applicable in EU SMEs. ECQ was involved in the development of the training modules and the organization of the project final conference.

Based on the gained rich experience, ECQ’s expertise in EU-project management will offer a high added value to the project.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Capacity Building
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Higher Education
 Youth Exchanges
 Lifelong Learning
 Youth Workers
 Migrants and Refugees

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