: May 14, 2018

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At ELIRI we develop and produce state of the art customized microwires. Our ultra fine wires are used among many industries, including automotive, aeronautics, medicine, microelectronics, nanotechnologies and others.

Microwires and nanowires can be produced both, in small - custom made series or in bigger industrial quantities. Also we have strong experience and very good technical possibilities of post processing of fine wires, including thermic, chemical and mechanical treatments. Further integration into sub-systems is also possible, including the possibility of micro high-precision winding for microsensors production.

ELIRI has vast technical expertise in manufacturing of micro-coils with cores as small as mm and using wires down to mm ( 8 microns ), mainly for medical ;

Keywords and matching areas:

 Aerospace Technology
 Electronics and Microelectronics
 Nanotechnology and Nanosciences

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