E.R.A. (European Rurale Association)

: Feb 24, 2018

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Hello, I want to establish an Association cultural, (Association rural European), to create this blessed institution, serves the President of the Secretary and a counselor. Do you want to be the founder, (person who want to learn and manage living your carbon footprint for the spread of sustainable development). As it is important to knowledge passed to the present day. Members, together will do well for future generations. The Association I entity circle of the Mountain, sponsored all efforts to achieve 17 Global Goals, designed is sponsored by the United Nations. Spread common values that inspire younger generations, by providing a world more in keeping, for a simple understanding, representation and protection of the environment agricultural family in the mountains. The cultural Association has worked for fundraising intended to the Bank of the local food. With a gift Exchange distribute hundreds of small packages biodegradable, containing humus type 250 grams, annex has a simple paper decorated with engraved: email address, phone number for orders and returns has home, price per kg, product description humus of earthworm Alpine, natural method biodynamic, powered by manure of cattle, Buffalo, equine, hay, straw, Sun and rain. good our valuable service ecosystem social. a gift for families that grow their food lovers of Flora and parks agricultural citizens. "; a cultural Association non-profit.

You know some organizations I have institutions that can sponsor my project, we need a sponsorship to promote our project we work with love and tenacity, our public initiative SDGs. I want to go to public places and make the project known to the citizen. An NGO would be fine, we do not ask for financial help, we ask that it helps us to propose to the citizen. natural case study, social ecosystem, sustainable development.

solve the problem ecological the Alps. the population in rural areas, and those less accessible is decreasing while the city Alpine grow. you must then take measures suited to counteract depopulation of these areas. 1st a great badget extent to establish the Bank of the local food, 2nd rent I buy 12 real estate to allocate to homes recreational for orphans, creators of traditional natural ecosystems Alpine. these twelve farms family will constitute an ancient countryside resource agricultural that solves the problem ecological of abandonment of high lands. the Bank of the local food will the modernization and maintenance of 12 farms family, providing equipment necessary to sustainable living in harmony with other families ecosistemiche Alpine. the Bank of food redistribute the resources for creating trails connection ecotourism inherent in the territory Alpine, including the peasant culture, the Bank of the local food will process analysis of ecological footprint produced by the service ecosystem offered by 12 farms family, establishing the natural capital, Heritage of humanity product from service ecosystem of human species, offered by 12 ranches local family⛰

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