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: Aug 6, 2018

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Who are we?

Our organisation is The Directorate of Secondary Education of Pieria (DISEPI) that is supervised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Its role is the administrative and centralized monitoring of Secondary Schools of Pieria and governs the local public and private schools in terms of curriculum implementation, staff appointment, management of funds and transformation of national priorities into concrete educational planning.

 DISEPI supervises 41 public Secondary Schools (20 High Schools, 12 Senior High Schools, 4 Vocational Schools, 2 Schools for Pupils with Special Needs, 1 Music School and 1 private School). The Director and the Head Officers are in charge of 40 employees (administrative staff and teachers in secondment).

Main responsibilities

The DISEPI is appointed to:

  • Provide administrative support and services towards the appropriate operation of the local schools that fall into its responsibility,
  • Act as a connecting link between the central authority (Ministry of Education) and the schools, implementing the legislation and providing any kind of support (administrative/financial/material/moral),
  • Promote educational work and practices as well as to enhance the quality of education offered by the schools,
  • Organise educational seminars, workshops and similar activities for teachers of all specialisations,
  • Provide administrative and technical support to school projects and activities,
    • Support the organization of student events (sport games, environmental projects, cultural and youth meetings. Specifically, the Department of Innovative Actions of DISEPI is in charge of these activities and maintains special webpage for the promotion of the events. It organizes yearly the International Youth Theatre, Music and Athletic Meeting “ Olimpia in Dion” ()
    • Support and promote the Student Consultation Center, an innovative structure found by the Ministry of Education at national level in order to address to social, psychological issues of secondary students and their families.
    • Inform on health-related issues that may affect students and youth in general ( smoking, drug abuse and addiction, contraception, sexually transferred diseases). These tasks are supported by the Health Education Office which belongs to the DISEPI.
    • Support and promote the Environmental Education through activities like seminars to teachers of relevant specialisations, excursions to locations of special environmental value, coordination of environmental projects implemented at schools.


Cooperation experience

Up to day, the DISEPI has participated, either as a direct partner or in the framework of its supervising and administrative responsibilities (Administrative Supervisor), in several European educational projects. Some examples are mentioned in the following table for reference to DISEPI’s experience in the area.

Outdoor Leadership Course Erasmus+ΚΑ1 (2014-1-EL01-ΚΑ101-000754)   

Administrative supervisor  (Consortium Member: Special Education Vocational School)

Bit Generation, GRUNDVIG (2010 – 1 – IT2-GRU06-13850 5)

Consortium member

Cultural Education and Historical References from Mt Olympus to the river Mures, Comenius Regio (2013 – 1 – GR1 – COM 13 -15117 1)

Member of the coordinating country

Learn to Read and Read to Learn, Comenius (2013-1-BG1-COM06-00007 5)    


Administrative supervisor


(Consortium member: High School of Korinos)

Water a European Task in a Global Context, Erasmus LLP (2014-1-DE03-KA201-001642_7)


Administrative supervisor  (Consortium Member: PLATON Private School)

Water a European Task in a Global Context, Erasmus+, 2014-1-DE03-KA201-001642_7



Administrative supervisor  (Consortium Member: PLATON Private School)

A second chance of environment, Erasmus+ KA2 (2016-1-FR01-ΚΑ219-024139_2)


Administrative supervisor  (Consortium Member: 7th High School of Katerini)

Innovative skills in ICT through collaborative and project-based teaching and learning  Erasmus+ (2016-1-EL01-KA101-023271)


Administrative supervisor  (Consortium Member: 2nd Vocational Senior High School of Katerini)

Project management for cross-cultural exchange projects in Europe, Erasmus+ KA1 (2016-1-EL01-KA101-023035)



Administrative supervisor  (Consortium Member: Senior High School of Litochoro)

Nautilus, Erasmus+ Sport (017-3092/001-001 ERA-SMCOPA)



Consortium member


How can we contribute?

The DISEPI could contribute to the development of projects with the coordination and management skills acquired over the years. It could undertake responsibilities and tasks requiring organization, administration and managements skills. Those could include:

  • Linking with Secondary Education Schools and school population (students/staff) to be involved in projects,
  • Organization of events ( meetings, conferences, job shadowing),
  • Collection and management of information in project-related areas,
  • Development of research tools ( questionnaires, interviews according to the requirements of the project),

Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Lifelong Learning
 Arts Education
 Cultural heritage
 Performing Arts
 Migrants and Refugees

Ideas in Progress

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