: Apr 1, 2021

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Based in Marseille, skalen is a collective of artists who creates a place of plural expression where dance, music and visual arts, are the main elements of the creation. Skalen pursues a transversal approach in a dynamics of experiment,
always on the basis of a teamwork of choreographic writing, where
each artistic field joins in a common word.

Starting in 2003, the Skalen collective set lines of work through various type LABORATORY experiments, which they conducted in Europe, such as the Kanuti Labor / Tallinn-Estonia (2005) projects between Estonia, France and Germany Alveare 03 (2004) between Prato, Barcelona and Marseille
AB time (2006) Work in connection between Oakland, New-York and Marseille.

Through each workshop we find new ways of working, which help us in creating the next piece. The creative process originates from an exchange between the members of the group, growing up with time. This relationship stimulates our choreographic work, in which dance, music and video organically blend.
Also, the practise of improvisation is one of the main concepts in our work, which allows us free expression of personal languages within a common context.

Their pieces are programmed in France and Europe in International Festivals of dance, digital arts, dance in urban spaces and they are also invited on musical scenes, such as the Festival Les Musiques Libres de Besançon, the Festival D'Jazz de Nevers and the GRIM, a Montevideo music scene in Marseille which is also their place of residence.

From Marseille to Paris, their recognition is growing, notably through the programming on two occasions at the "Marseille Festival", the "National Dance Center of Paris" and the "Rencontres Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis".

Several tours between Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest and Bratislava will give them an international visibility that will continue to develop in Eastern and Western Europe, then in the Mediterranean basin, in digital arts and dance, festivals in urban spaces, among others: Barcelona, Prato, Ravenna, Milan, Tunis, Palermo ...


We plan to set up a project with several partners in Europe.

Here in Marseille, skalen (artists collective), also collaborates with Martine Sousse and Chistine Esclapez.

Martine Sousse
Speaker on the concepts of "Digital Memories and Writings"
She will be in charge of the development of a digital component, for an appropriation of the project and of the theme "Collective resistance and the world", according to the intervention of a designer in new writings.

Christine Esclapez
Teacher at Aix-Marseille University, director of music department
She will intervene upstream for the implementation of the project, in particular on questions of transmission and memory and creation.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Digital Culture
 Visual Arts
 Creative Europe

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