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: Nov 9, 2016

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"The Centre for Experiential Education" , guided bij Prof. F. Laevers is based at the University of Leuven (Belgium). The focus is practice oriented research, development and dissemination in ECEC, primary and secondary Centre generated a framework for quality assessment and quality improvement suitable for a wide range of settings: from babies and toddlers in ECEC up to professionals in in service training.

The basic hypothesis is that the most conclusive way to assess the quality of any educational setting is to focus on the degree of emotional well-being’ and the level of ‘involvement’ of the children. These are the touchstones to create an effective ECEC context. Based on this hypothesis several instruments are developed and used worldwide (eg. the Leuven Involvement Scales). The research centre is internationally active with projects in UK, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands,...

Based on this quality framework many research projects in ECEC have been done (eg. ESF project on professionalism of childminders or on selfmanagement of children, national research projects for the Flemish government,...)

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 Child Care
 Education and Training
 Human Sciences
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