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: Nov 23, 2020

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CEC European Managers represents around one million managers in Europe through its national and sectoral federations. Managers play a vital role in Europe, both in the companies they work for and as facilitators of dialogue in society: it is about taking the right decisions to prepare a more sustainable and inclusive future.

At European level, we are one of the six EU cross-industry social partner organisations recognised by the European Commission. As the independent and autonomous voice of managers, we are making sure that the interests of managers as bridge builders between employers and workers are heard – since 1951.

CEC European Managers has started the year 2020 with a European project aiming at piloting a training scheme to mainstream sustainable leadership in Europe. Based on an EU study on the prevalence on Sustainable Leadership, a pilot training programme will be provided to equip European managers of all backgrounds with the necessary competences in the areas of systemic thinking, Triple Bottom Line accounting, as well as transversal leadership skills such as mindfulness.


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