: Mar 23, 2019

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Creative Culture Innovative Europe (CCIEU) is a cultural institution based in Brussels, Belgium. We are dedicated to provide a global platform for Sino-Europe innovative cultural exchanges and digital innovation – building an unshakable bridge for cooperation and communication between the EU and China We aim at promoting education, uplifting the status of the under-privileged, youth entrepreneurship, and most importantly women's support programme in the CCIs, promoting a diverse and balanced cultural landscape. We are evolving with the present needs of the global audiences keeping the core cultural values intact. Our team is committed to promote awareness and a deep understanding Sino- European culture, and establish an everlasting cooperation in the creative sectors such as, youth education, sports, cultural exchange, digital innovation and a lot more. We take pride in taking every possible step to treasure the diverse cultures and encourage development between the EU and China. Our top mission is to build an unshakable bridge for the cooperation and communication between EU and China, the two countries that are celebrated for their rich culture, whilst strengthening and perfecting the influence and appeal of international innovative cultural exchanges

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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 International Cooperation
 Creative Industries
 Creative Europe
 Artificial Intelligence

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