Burdur Provincial Health Directorate

: Feb 7, 2024

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Burdur Provincial Health Directorate is the representative public institution of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.
It provides high quality health services in Turkey and high quality health services that protect the health of individuals and communities and provide effective, appropriate and timely solutions to health problems. The vision of our institution is to be a leading institution in the field of health in Turkey. By providing reliable and comprehensive health services that are open to continuous change and development, a lifestyle will be adopted in which everyone has access to the right to health.
8 State Hospitals, 1 ADSM, 10 Community Health Centres, 26 112 Emergency Health Services Stations, 1 Emergency Health Services Command Control Centre, 1 Provincial Ambulance Service Chief Physician, 59 Health Houses, 100 Family Health Centres, 1 District Health Directorate, 1 Public Health Laboratory, 2 Migrant Health Centres, 2 Healthy Living Centres.
Our institution employs 4173 health professionals, including 180 administrative staff, consisting of 50 different branches (specialists and general practitioners, public health specialists, emergency medicine specialists, nurses, first aid and emergency technicians, paramedics, dentists, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, primary care physicians, occupational therapists, social workers, IT specialists, etc.).
Our Directorate provides services in all areas of health and is also responsible for the management of pre-hospitals, hospitals and health facilities. It provides health services within the framework of the Ministry of Health and international strategies to protect and improve public health, environmental health and the health of professionals from all sectors of the population.
Responsibilities include
Coordinating community-based mental health services, advocating for the elimination of stigma and discrimination, reducing suicide and raising awareness of suicide prevention,
Ensuring timely notification of infectious and zoonotic diseases, ensuring that the necessary precautions are taken against any outbreaks that may occur, maintaining inventory records of the necessary materials, planning the necessary materials and ensuring the implementation of tuberculosis control services,
To ensure that market surveillance and inspection services related to environmental health and inspections of production sites are carried out, to take samples of products related to the field of duty and to have the necessary analyses carried out, to participate in the necessary research and development studies for the supply of healthy drinking and potable water and to ensure that the necessary measures are taken,
To carry out activities at provincial level to ensure and control occupational health and safety, occupational diseases and occupational accidents, and to ensure accurate registration and proper reporting.

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