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: Nov 28, 2018

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BIA is the oldest and biggest employers' national representative body in Bulgaria, participating in numerous national and regional legislative and monitoring committees, working and steering groups. Its membership icludes the most important sector associations and sector industrial chambers in Bulgaria. It is one of the Enterprise Europe Network points in Bulgaria and the only Bulgarian representative in BusinessEurope. It implements projects funded by INTERREG programmes, COSME, H2020. It is also leading a project under Erasmus+ Programme. It is implementing projects under Bulgarian Operational Programmes as well. Full list of all implemented projects and activities under implementation can be viewed at the organisation's website.

Current projects of the International Relations Centre of BIA include:

Steps2Scale- EU steps up to scale-up management - Lead Partner

Scale Ups are high tech companies with minimum 5 years of experience on the local market, already proven and well established market niche, developed internationalization strategy and readiness to go and find new markets and partners. The Steps2Scale will create an environment that fosters competitiveness, business thinking, innovation and creativity. The scaling-up adviser is the profession of one more competitive and fast growing future of the EU.

Project’s Goals:

  1. Development of support system in the field of adult education and training
  2. Support to the enterpreneurs  in key phase of the lifecycle of their business
  3. Support of the entrepreneurial culture in Europe and establishment of new innovative managers of Europe


SHARON: Opportunities for European Entrepreneurs in the Sharing economy - Partner

SharON project focuses on the support of collaborative economy stakeholders, essentially SMEs and social companies, in order to continuously gain the knowledge on their needs and deliver the effective support services to boost their development and achieve benefits from shared economy.


EMPOWA: Enhancing more participation of women entrepreneurs' activities in Horizon 2020

The overarching goal of EMPOWA is to identify women entrepreneurs, raise their awareness of the SME Instrument and support their successful participation in the programme. The project brings together experienced Enterprise Europe Network experts, Key Account Managers, National Contact Points for the SME Instrument-Access to Risk Finance programmes and members of the Enterprise Europe Network’s Women Entrepreneurship Sector Group in order to unlock the full potential of women entrepreneurs in the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument calls for proposals.

Enterprise Europe Network 2008-2014/2015-2020

The Enterprise Europe Network brings together business support organisations from more than 50 ;They are connected through powerful databases and know Europe inside out. What's more, they have been working together for years, some even for decades. With close to 600 member organisations we are always close to where your business is based. Whichever Network contact point you get in touch with, we will either assist you on the spot or put you in touch with a specialised branch in your region even better placed to serve you.

We provide information and consultation services for:

  • Finding Business Partners
  • Transfering New Technologies and Know-how
  • Applying  for European Funding
  • Participating in European collaborative R&D
  • EU Laws and Standarts
  • Protecting your Intellectual Property
  • Having your say in Europe

Within the Network, BIA participates in several international sector groups and working groups such as Agrofood, Access to Finance, Creative Industries and many others. BIA experts are also certified by the European Innovation Management Academy to perform IMprove checks and by Enterprise Ireland to perform Innovation Health Check on SMEs.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Technology Transfer
 Creative Industries
 EU Strategy Danube Region
 Horizon Europe
 EEA and Norway Grants

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