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: Jul 23, 2020

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Bodycar Ltd. company is located in the city of Sofia , Republic of ;


The organisation has broad activity in the automotive replacement parts and components business both locally and ;

Since the establishment of the organisation in 1993 the company is developing business activity together with it’s nationwide consumer’s and worldwide ;


The organisation’s trading activity includes the international import and  countrywide sales to automotive service stations , as well as automotive and replacement parts dealers.







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During the years of growth and development we have introduced a great number of new and innovative products to the market within the automotive parts and components business activity. Following this vision we have managed to reach a significant growth in terms of brand awareness and also sustainable financial independence.

We have in addition managed to establish solid relations with significant number of international companies and close business partners from Continental Europe, Asia and South America.


The extensive experience and wide background of our company gives us the confidence in the future of the organisation regardless of the challenging developments of the Southeast Europe Automotive Replacement Parts and Components market.


The core value that our company believes in - being better every next moment and in every single aspect - is our stable foundation for the future growth of our business activity.                                                                      


With Sincere Appreciation,   

                                                                                  S. Stamenkov                                                                                                            

General Manager

City of Sofia , Republic of Bulgaria


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