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: Sep 16, 2019

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Starting with using modern technologies for crafting innovation in the digital area, Axiobit, Ltd. has evolved to approaching complex digital transformation projects and recently to designing Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence modules. The company has developed solutions by integrating modern technology modules such as BPM, Blockchain Technology, IoT, etc. In the context, Axiobit, Ltd. has become one of the most significant European leaders in applied performant digital transformation framework.

AxioBit, Ltd is a group of experienced consultants in digital ventures who has developed an original business understanding around the idea that the key of innovation (and imagination) is the ability to make connections across disciplines: arts and sciences, humanities and technology. Based on what we know this is the only way to build value. Based on the methodology of convergence, the people at Axiobit have imagined, created, and supported IT implementations for various industries and topics. The consultants supported our customers to understand the meaning of performance and capacity, the refined scope of engaging customers within communities, ;

Axiobit Limited is involved in complex digital solutions but also in extensive research projects such as Robotic Medical Assistant and Robotic Supply Chain and Predictive Maintenance and Anticipative Management.

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