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: Feb 9, 2019

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The Bulgarian Association of Business Clusters (ABC) is a non-profit organization that unites and protects the interests of Bulgarian clusters, stimulates, enhance cluster development, and support policy-making in Bulgaria.

ABC is а hub for an effective outreach to a wide variety of clusters (in Bulgaria). Along with the members from traditional sectors (mining, automotive, furniture, textile), we support much innovation-driven market leaders in cutting-edge fields of robotics, mechatronics, smart technologies, clean technologies, eco-innovation, ICT, bio-based industries, creative industries, etc. This diversity is enriched by involving both – horizontal and vertical along the value chain clusters.

The organization was established in 2009 by the leading clusters in the country. Currently, the ABC consists of clusters from the following sectors: information and communication technologies, automotive, health care and health tourism, maritime industry, mining and manufacturing industries, mechatronics and clean technologies, green transport, creative industries.

The experts at ABC have profound knowledge and experience in the processes of business clustering, cluster set-up, cluster management, innovation management, R&D and commercialization, innovation spillovers and spin-offs, business internationalization. They work closely with the Bulgarian State Administration and stakeholders in the development of strategies, policies, and programs for cluster support and regarding the progress of Bulgarian Clusters and the usage of public funds.

ABC experts are also experienced in communication management, event management and promotion of the cluster concept as a tool for increasing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy and contribution of SMEs. ABC initiated the creation of the European network of cluster associations during the First European TCI Conference that was held in Bulgaria in 2018. ABC was a co-organizer of the Conference.

ABC has developed a wide network of international partnerships with cluster associations and business support networks at the European and global level. It has an extensive project management experience, having led or acting members in several interregional transnational cooperation projects in the frame of the Danube Transnational Cooperation Programme, RO-BG and BG-SRB cross border cooperation programme, Start Programme of the Danube Strategy etc.

Besides this ABC supports the concept that clusters in EU are key role players in facilitating cross-sectoral, cross-regional networking in the economy and endeavor to strengthen cluster management excellence by means of specific pieces of training organized in cooperation with renowned international organizations such as Innovation Norway, VDI/ESCA, ECCP, etc.

ABC is currently implementing a project under the INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme as a co-partner. The project acronym is DanuBioValNet. The main objective of the project is to facilitate eco-innovations in the bio-based industry by improving framework conditions and making better use of clusters, potential, and diversity of the Danube Region.

The project focuses on three levels: policy, clusters, and enterprises. ABC actively participate as co-leader of the Communication work package in the framework of the Project and take part in all other project activities:

  • Development of joint bio-based cluster policy for the Danube Region;
  • Identification and creation of new cluster services to improve the impact of clusters as an enabler for innovation and transnational cooperation;
  • Mapping – to identify promising value chains and innovation gaps;
  • Open space innovation arenas that will bring actors together in a targeted way to create eco-innovation.

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