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: Feb 18, 2020

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Exciting Opportunities

Services we offer

We offer a wide variety of opportunities under the Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sport, offering exciting opportunities for participants to study, work, volunteer and teach abroad.

Rewarding Experiences

Meeting new people

Students improve their language skills and develop their careers, whilst enjoying rewarding life experiences and meeting new people from different walks of life.

Staff Mobility

Teaching and development

Staff, teachers, lecturers and support staff, including volunteers and youth workers, can explore best practices and gain professional development through teaching or training abroad.


Trades and professions

We have opportunities in:

  • 3d graphic design and coding
  • Hairdressing and beauty
  • Chefs and catering
  • Teacher training and childcare
  • Health and social care / homecare
  • Customer services

Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Adult Learning

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