: May 18, 2020

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About Me

APDI is a network of Public and private entities, specialized in their topics and areas; social inclusion, Health, VET, History, Architecture, Labour Market, Universities, Culture, Local Government, etc and we are working from International Cooperation with EuropeAid, IBD or USAID to European projects as H2020 or ERASMUS+. That way we think we can build a mutual cooperation partnership, where we support you in your projects and we can open our projects to you.

Likewise, our collaborative status is a way of cooperation that works as a network of entities, which allows us to collaborate with a variety of institutions, NGO, companies and corporations, which are among the most diverse, covering between all various areas belonging to both the public and private ;

Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Health Care
 International Cooperation
 Adult Learning
 Culture and Development
 European Union
 Project Development

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