Andrea Mogni

: Jan 21, 2021

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After having worked for the Italian administration, in 1989 I joined the European Commission, where I worked for almost 30 years as an Economist and Financial Expert in key departments such as Development, ECFIN, RELEX, and the European External Action Service - EEAS.

Currently I am active as a senior financial expert and consultant on European and international affairs, advising embassies, think tanks, NGOs, advocacy law firms and business associations. In particular, through my advisory services I focus on European Union regulatory frameworks, some EU internal policies (Digital Europe, Green Deal, Smart Cities, Energy Union, Banking Union, research, international tax matters, consumer protection regulatory frameworks), investment promotion, trade issues, programming and mobilization of EU financial instruments, EU relations with BRICS, EU business dialogues and EU development policies. I have also a long experience in organizing training courses, Public diplomacy initiatives, inter-university cooperation, and implementation of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe joint programs, diplomatic relations, facilitating business contacts, cultural exchanges, and negotiation/representation activities. Currently I am also following negotiations regarding BREXIT and its implications for the EU.


I have been appointed Visiting lecturer (Chargé de cours) at the Faculté de Saint Louis (FSL) - University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, teaching European economic integration at Master level. I am also member of the Centre d' Economie Paris Nord (CEPN) of CNRS - France. I am also a senior associate at the European Institute of Asian Studies (EIAS) Brussels, and I am the European Correspondent of the Innovation Laboratory at the Harvard University Law School.


My clients have been Law firms, Embassies, industry associations, investment funds, some think tanks, Universities and NGOs, located both in Europe and in other regions of the world.

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