Abdalla Zubi

: Nov 18, 2020

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About Me

My name is Abdalla Zubi, I am from Nazareth city, Israel. I have a bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering and MSc degree in Energy and Environmental technologies and economics from City University of London.

After finishing my studies I have always looked forward into developing myself in the fields of sustainability, diversity and developing the consumers markets into more efficient and sustainable for everyone, that’s why I would call myself an entrepreneur and investor.

I have been working on an invention that would change the face of what we nowadays know as building façade, the concept that I am working on will save almost 40% energy consumption in house holds and use less raw material, more recycled material, saves money, my idea is already registered as patent and right now I am looking for investors in that field that can also help me move forward.

I have also founded a company that is called ‘’ ZRM Investments ‘’ where I work on the renovation of buildings with minimum cost and at the same time high quality, in order to ensure that big crowded cities such as Thessaloniki will have the living space to accommodate new young couples and allows them to live inside of the city, while working in the city. Same projects can also be used for Airbnb or tourism rental houses, where we can basically exclude the idea of having to building new buildings and still develop the city from within inside of the city.

Currently I have projects in Thessaloniki and Khalkidhiki.

I am currently working on the design of retreat place, glamping & yoga school, the project is going to take place in an area that is outside of the urban plans of the city, the purpose behind such a project is to develop sustainable tourism, have tourism facilities that do not harm the environment around or even affect the image around it. I believe that directing the tourism into more sustainable tourism will have more benefits, self-awareness on us as humans and benefits the natural.

I am working on the design of my project in order to find a fund and investments support that can help me build and operate the project by the coming summer 2021 season, trying to overcome the COVID-19 financial crises.

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 Energy Efficiency
 Natural Resources
 Sustainable Development
 Sustainable Tourism

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