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Maghreb, Hna Majin!

Start date: 17 Jun 2015, End date: 16 Dec 2015,

Context / background of project: Tumult has a lot of experience with exchange projects for youngsters. They always give priority to youngsters who never had an (international) travel experience before. This year they saw an opportunity to work together with VZW LEJO and Coöperation El Amal. All parties saw the benefits of the co-operation for this project. Bringing youngsters together who are l ...
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Mission Europe V

Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 30 Jun 2015,

Mission Europe is an international project that brings 24 young people, aged 16 to 18, from Belgium, Germany and Poland together during three long weekends in Ypres (Be), Krakow (Pl) and Berlin (De) to participate in debates, discussions, workshops and tours concerning mainly the two World Wars, the Cold War and the European Union. Thus the main themes being ‘the road from war to peace’ and ‘the E ...
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