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Maghreb, Hna Majin!
Start date: Jun 17, 2015, End date: Dec 16, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context / background of project: Tumult has a lot of experience with exchange projects for youngsters. They always give priority to youngsters who never had an (international) travel experience before. This year they saw an opportunity to work together with VZW LEJO and Coöperation El Amal. All parties saw the benefits of the co-operation for this project. Bringing youngsters together who are living in different situations is a learning opportunity for every participant of the exchange. We envisage that they'll learn from each other and from the challenging situations they'll encounter. We are convinced that all three parties will contribute their own experiences and competent each other. Objectives: - exchange between youngsters, different cultures, different people - to expand their comfort zone by learning from (new) experiences, new environment... - to expand their own point of view - get to know new people - reflect on their own learning process - an increased competence in foreign languages - increased sense of initiative - focus on the positive elements and accentuate their strengths and talents - higher self esteem en self confidence - intercultural awareness - more active participation in society Number and profile of participants Tumult has 9 participants between 16 and 18 years old and 2 volunteers. Lejo has 5 participants between 16 and 20 years old, 1 volunteer and 1 youth worker. El Amal has 15 participants, between 15 and 19 years old. Description of the activities: - We offer leisure time - We upgrade the living environment by brightening up the school (wall paintings, create a fence with sustainable methods, ...). - We work together in the goat co-operation. - We make a day trip to the city (the Moroccan youngsters organize this in a creative way). - We will go hiking in the mountains for several days. Related Objectives: - The youngsters learn from each other by exchanging games. - They are coached so they discover their own strengths and leader capacities. Methodology: We have to face the language barrier in every way. We have lots of active reviewing material. (also non- verbal) We give them a personal notebook and stimulate them through the project to reflect on their own process. Coaching methods based on what they need. Active Reviewing will be a methodology of great significance. We possess a wide range of skills to reflect in a non verbal manner. In this way, reflecting is more accessible, despite the language barrier. (reflecting with cartoons, music, drawings, expressions, movies...) Brief description of the results and envisaged impact: - more interest in the land of the exchange - to maintain contact with the other participants or the project - stimulate the will to create new (travel/ exchange) experiences - open up their mind (about cultures, about themselves and others...) Benefits on long term: - The youngsters get their first international experiences, this can increase their sense of public responsibility, or stimulate them to create more 'humanitarian projects'. - Hopefully they have convalesced by new positive experiences, they get to know their inner self (better than before). - The participants learn to reflect and learn that their own learning process is a never ending story. - They learn how to give and receive feedback and learn how to share their (critical) opinions. - The youngsters increase their self awareness and have learned how to extend their comfort zones, thereby making them more resilient.

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